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Tune into RaceLife Spotlight and meet some of the rising stars from the World Karting Association, every Thursday night at 9:00 PM EST or watch On Demand.

Since 1971, the World Karting Association has provided a venue for racers to enjoy all aspects of Karting in the USA.  Providing regulations, instruction, and venues for fair and safe karting competition in the USA, WKA has a place for everyone in karting.  Whether you want the pure thrill of speed and the competition of racing, or the atmosphere of family and friends, or the ethics of learning to work karting events, WKA and karting are for you! Tune into Race Face TV and meet some of the rising stars of The World Karting Association.

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Sophia D'Arrigo On-Demand

Ben Maier

Ben Maier On-Demand


WKA Pres. Kevin Williams On-Demand

miles 3

Miles Murray May 24th