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Every Tuesday - NASCAR’s 15-time Most Popular Driver and winner of two Daytona 500s, Dale Earnhardt Jr., hosts his very own podcast, Dale Jr Download on Dirty Mo Media. Earnhardt and co-host Mike Davis raise the bar with unparalleled perspective, candid commentary, and fascinating, first-person insight into the life of a broadcaster, celebrated racer.

250 - Steve Phelps: We've Made Some Mistakes

NASCAR President Steve Phelps tells all with Dale Earnhardt Jr about the state of the sport, a major shift in thinking, new cars & possible new tracks, making mistakes and the future of the France family. The DJD gang tries to be President for the day, discusses a dangerous incident at a Short Track and Dale shares a story of how a 2X4 ended a riot.

249 - Rival Rusty

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets a chance to sit down with one of his father's biggest rivals, and his own racing beer rival, Rusty Wallace. They discuss the Bristol water bottle incident, Rusty's stupid decision & jealousy over Jeff Gordon. The gang also chats about throwing things at people, Martinsville and Odd History.

248 - He Stood on the Gas (feat. Kirk Shelmerdine)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by the mysterious Kirk Shelmerdine, who was his father's crew chief for four NASCAR Cup Championships. They talk about his unlikely path and untimely departure from the pit box, his attempt at driving, and having Dale Earnhardt as a spotter. DJD also gets fired up about Kyle Busch's historic win and the King's sacred number, qualifying fixes and odd childhood injuries.

247 - The Healing Begins with Steve Park

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reunites with former teammate Steve Park to discuss The Intimidator, illegal lasers, the red-headed stepchild, climbing from the deepest darkest valley, and Park's return from a brain injury. DJD also talks fashion & NASCAR, UNC Sports, Karsyn's lesson and road trippin' tunes on this packed episode.

246 -The Earnhardt Name (feat. Jeffrey Earnhardt)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by his nephew Jeffrey Earnhardt to discuss carrying on the legacy of the Earnhardt name, his curious switch to Toyota, MMA fighting and bowfishing. The DJD gang also tackles Kyle Busch chasing 200, throwing cheese at babies and Dale shares some ‘Odd History.'

245 -Young Ryan Blaney

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and young NASCAR star Ryan Blaney discuss Atlanta, getting in trouble with dad, vintage t's, and partying. Blaney decides to stick around, have a frosty beverage and chat about the worst racing movies ever and 'phubbing'.

244 - The Smoke Show

Tony Stewart joins the Dale Jr. Download to relive dueling with Dale Jr., tangles with drivers and media, raw talent in NASCAR, and his latest adventures. Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes time to reflect on the anniversary of his father's passing and recaps Isla's scary trip to Disney.

243 - Growing Up Eury

The 2019 debut of the Dale Jr. Download features a true family connection as Tony Eury Sr. and Jr. join the show to tell priceless stories of growing up with the Earnhardts. Dale Jr. and the DJD gang discuss Daytona, the Clash, how NASCAR "Lost its way," Valentines Day and baguettes.

242 - Jeff Gordon: "I'm the Opposite of That"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with Jeff Gordon to talk candidly about his career, their rivalry and trying not to be intimidated by The Intimidator.  Dale and Jeff take fan questions and share untold party stories.  The DJD guys also discuss Christmas gifts and the onesie fad.

241 - An Earnhardt Thanksgiving

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys have a lot to be thankful for, including guest Tyler Reddick's championship. They discuss the rough road to the title for he and Joey Logano, the great turkey debate, Dale's groovy gravy, and take out the Homestead trash.

240 - Chastain: A Self-Made Story

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with Ross Chastain about the amazing journey that led to a full-time ride with Chip Ganassi Racing in 2019. The guys download about stage-three insanity, the ol' Wilson ball, anti-media sentiment in NASCAR, Family Feud and Dale pissing off an Uber driver!

239 - Mistakes and Accusations

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the Download guys get fiery about NASCAR’s blunder, Aric Almirola throwin' shade towards Logano, strong rules reform and TJ’s new/old nickname. Live AskJr questions uncover truths of if Dale was ever a whiner and Mike compares spoiled drivers to the Dixie Chicks.

238 - Talk Like Earnhardt, Drive Like Mark Martin

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and guys download about the controversial finish between Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr at Martinsville and Roger Penske’s reaction.  Plus, talk of Chevy trucks with train horns, bad racecar numbers, barbecue and why the "Intimidator" impersonator creeps us all out.

237 - Books, Banjos n' Stolen Shoes

Dale Earnhardt Jr and the DJD guys hang out in the Axalta Studio to discuss the Kansas elimination race, being on the sidelines at an NFL game, sorta meeting Jenny McCarthy, an annoying Lambeau-Kenseth, Berry’s ballsy decision and a traumatic childhood house fire.

236 - Raw Emotional Stuff w/ Ryan McGee

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ryan McGee discuss their new book "Racing to the Finish, My Story." They touch on the challenges, fears and misconceptions of concussions and overcoming them. The DJD guys also talk Talladega controversy, big time racin' cheats, fans throwin' beers at Jeff Gordon and 334mph diaper changes.

235 - Virtual Reality and the Voodoo Man

Dale Earnhardt Jr and the guys kick back on the couch to chat about a Dover, a Pittsburgh pleasure, facing your fears, the greatest pranks ever, 200mph sneezes, the UFC brawl and an update on baby Isla.

234 - Acts of Desperation

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys discuss all angles of the ROVAL and how it may save Charlotte Motor Speedway, the last lap melee between Jimmie Johnson and Martin Truex Jr, layers of drama at Martinsville and more.

233 - Bad Stickers and Dry Pickles

Dale Earnhardt Jr and the DJD guys tackle a crazy Vegas weekend on track and in the boxing ring. Dale gets honest on the new NASCAR emoji stickers, Harvick’s salty statement and reveals a new Mayo sandwich.

232 - Up in that Brickyard Deer Stand

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys discuss an unusual Indianapolis weekend that saw Dale driving the pace car, fenced-in upon completion and perched high to announce the race. Also talk of NASCAR silly season, a return to Nashville, Kahne’s bold decision & more.

231 - Kahne and Krispy Livermush

Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes Kasey Kahne to the show for talk about retirement, Sprint Cars, and the Yachtie life. The #DJD guys also chat about the controversial Truck finish, Isla’s baptism and eating raw shrimp and livermush.

230 - Surprise... It's Sadler!

Longtime friend and veteran NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the couch and gets deep about his retirement decision and one last championship push. Sadler also shares stories of being head deep with Dale at a foam party.

229 - Texas Terry

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Terry Labonte discuss the NASCAR Legend’s noted run-ins with The Intimidator at Bristol, canceled hunting trips, and what, besides playing Fantasy NASCAR, he’s doing these days.  Dale Jr also debunks Bigfoot and opens up about a 'paranormal' encounter.

228 - There's a Feeling In the Air

Dale Earnhardt Jr. addresses the news about NASCAR CEO Brian France. The #DJD welcomes guest Alex Bowman to discuss his career, contract extension, Chase Elliott's win and a genius idea for a race track bar.

227 - Super Friends & Superwaxers

Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings his old friend Brad Means on to tell tales of growing up at the track, getting into mischief, knockin' over laptops, getting girl crazy and literally waxing the competition.  #DJD also covers Bubba Wallace's crash, Kyle Petty’s smokes Jimmie’s 600th start, having dry underwear and more.

226 - Pickles, Smokes n' Sandpaper

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys download after a New Hampshire trip about Kevin Harvick’s attitude, the three-man booth, Rick Allen's sleepless night, the Dick Trickle ‘T’ and why Dale brings his own pickles to work. Plus, special #AskJr questions from racers and fans.

225 - Earnhardt Awesomeness

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets a big surprise and some new/old swag. The #DJD guys tell stories of Dale Sr, biting a teacher and beating up a deer, answer #AskJr questions and debate the Kyle Busch vs. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. war of words. 

224 - Ring Ring… Heyyyy Dale!  July 10, 2018

The #DJD guy's phone Dale Earnhardt Jr. to break down Stenhouse’s wrecks, dumping the yellow line, remaining an unpolished broadcaster and why his seat on the couch is being filled, literally.  Plus, Mike Davis reveals a powerful quote from Dale’s upcoming book.

223 - The Booth, Buffalo and Slide Job! July 3, 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses his first weekend in the booth for NASCAR on NBC and his "Slide Job" call on the last lap at Chicago. The DJD guys also chat about Kurt Busch’s aggravation and reminisce about the day Dale’s Buffalo roamed free in Mooresville.

222 - Resting Denny Face June 27, 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by Denny Hamlin to discuss life, organizing a driver’s association, and misconceptions about his personality.  Dale & the #DJD guys also perform the single greatest ad read of all-time and reveal untold insight into Dale & Kelley’s sibling bond.

221 - Father's Day and Party Fouls June 19, 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses one of his biggest party fouls, racing to a port-a-john, his first father’s day as a dad and answers several #AskJr Questions. 

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