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Who's Next is all about giving young drivers the opportunity to get in the spotlight, tell their story and share their dreams.

Tuesday 8:00 EST 

Race Face Driver Updates

Keep up to speed with your favorite Race Face Drivers with your host Rod Wortham as he breaks down last week's race results and previews upcoming races.

Wednesday 8:00 PM EST

RaceLife Spotlight

The WKA invites you to take a lap every week as we interview some of the rising stars in the Karting World from all over the country.

Thursday 8:00 PM EST


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Who's Next

David Marino Head Shot

David Marino On-Demand

jackson dehil

Jackson Diehl On-Demand

race bible

Race Bible On-Demand


Jackson White May 23rd


Race Face Driver Update

Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST


RaceLife Spotlight


Sophia D'Arrigo On-Demand

Ben Maier

Ben Maier On-Demand


WKA Pres. Kevin Williams On-Demand

miles 3

Miles Murray-Rescheduled

"THE LEAD LAP" current news from the racing world.

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